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Vashti Bunyan has announced a rare live date for the Spring. The legendary Edinburgh-based singer/songwriter will play at Carreau Du Temple in Paris on April 13th with support from Steve Gunn. Ticket details can be found here .

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Would you like to work more quickly?

I wanted every note to mean something, and that’s really what took the time. Also, I’m very slow at coming up with the songs, although “Heartleap” came to me very quickly, and in a way it said everything I’ve ever wanted to say.

All songs written, arranged and produced by Vashti Bunyan, except arrangement of strings in "Across the Water", improvised by Fiona Brice and Ian Burdge.

The luminous musical arrangements act with the lyrics illustratively – ‘Jellyfish’ ripples and floats from side to side, “and is soft apart from the vibraphone which is quite harsh – like the dream it’s about. The kalimba and the tumbling guitars in Across the Water are to give the song the sound of waves on shingle, and the piano on ‘Mother’ is to sound a little like the old un-tuned upright piano I overheard my mother playing sometimes, ‘briefly unbound’ from her duties as wife and mother.”

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In the telling of your story
There is so much that's lost
There's an ocean in between
The seen and unseen
That's as deep as the loss was
To you so young
I just see a shell
Can't really get the picture
I've nothing to compare
Can't say I understand
Have no hand to lend
You had more than your fair share
For one so young
But you do it all so well
I fold things just like my mother
Into two then into three
I don't know why I do
But then I think of you
And what it takes to be free
From all you've learned
But you know it all too well
In the telling of your story
You say there's so much more
Then you curl away from me
To some deeper sea
And I'm here on the foreshore
Till your return
I just see a shell

Vashti Bunyan - HeartleapVashti Bunyan - HeartleapVashti Bunyan - HeartleapVashti Bunyan - Heartleap